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DWCTW follows 2 aspiring musicians as they try to make it in Bristol’s Bass Music scene. Shot in a documentary style, Cellardore (Joe Sheldrick) & The Casual Salmon (Codie Hall) give us an intimate glimpse into their working lives.


As we follow them we are treated to meetings with music management, impromptu recording sessions, freestyle rap battles, Zen washing up practises... as well as all kinds of intimate revelations about their pasts, ambitions, life values and dreams for the future.


Geared towards a late night audience and focused on the DJing & electronic music scene in Bristol, this modern day take on the Mockumentary, feels like Spinal Tap for clubbing & DJ culture.


Our musical pair recruits a washed up Talent Scout, Tonk  Johnson (David Ashford) who  becomes their manager. They dare to aim high and eventually  land their dream gig at Bristol Super Club, Lakota.


Shot on no budget and made in the style of a single camera  indy documentary, DWCTW proves to be a laugh a minute ride. Filled with cringe worthy moments, larger than life  characters and implausible situational comedy.


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